World’s first mobile Hanmudo reference guide

Discover nearby events, lookup official rank and promotion requirements, refresh your Korean language skills. For free!

Top Features

Based on your feedback, new features are added regularly!
These are some of the top features of My Hanmudo today:

Discover nearby Hanmudo events
My Hanmudo lists almost all upcoming Hanmudo events. Personalize your event list by filtering events by location. You’ll never miss an event!

Stay informed about the latest promotion requirements. Need to know a class command in Korean? Look no further! My Hanmudo has all commands organized by category.

Community Managed
All content is managed by local moderators. These moderators are all enthusiastic Hanmudo practitioners who will act in the best interest of the sport. Since My Hanmudo is managed by volunteers, the app is available for free. We don't even show any ads!

Hanmudo goes mobile

We probably all know the official Hanmudo Pocket Reference Manual, written by Dr. He-Young Kimm. It’s great for looking up techniques or Korean terminology. Unfortunately, you can’t always carry it everywhere you go. My Hanmudo is the world’s first Hanmudo app for your smartphone. It's a digital reference guide you can carry anywhere you go!

Get Involved!

There are many ways you can help us. For example, you can help us manage events by becoming a moderator for your country. You can also help us pay our server and domain costs. Or simply help spread the word and share My Hanmudo with your friends!